How to tell if I guy you just met is with your time- the best advice I have ever recieved

So last night this guy gave me the best advice ever to determine if I guy you meet is worth your time.

Situation: You are at a party dancing

Guy option #1: Comes up and grabs you hips and tries to dance with you. Just walk away. You don’t deserve that type of attention, you are not an object that he can just grab and use. This guy is most likely looking for a booty call, something he can “hit and quit”

Guy option #2: Comes up and asks you your name, and then tries to get you to dance: Still not good enough, say nice to meet you and goodbye. Just walk away, he doesn’t deserve your attention either, he is not truly interested in who you are as a person. Could also be looking for a booty call.

Guy option #3: Comes up and asks you your name, and how you are, then tries to get you to dance with him. Once again, say nice to meet you and walk away. This guy is getting closer. He is more invested in learning about who you are.

Guy option #4: Comes up to you, asks your name, asks how you are, and then starts a conversation to get to know you better. This is the person you want to spend your time on. This person is genuinely interested in who you are, and is respectful enough to not force you into doing anything with him. He is the good guy, the one that is so interested and intrigued by you that he wants to spend his time learning about you instead of trying to find someone he could bang for one night. This is the guy all girls deserve, and they should not settle for anything less than.

Everyone deserves the best. No one should settle for something that they don’t deserve. No one should just settle on the idea of oh, I’m only ever going to get the option #1 guy. No, you aren’t. You deserve better, and you will get better. It may take time, but one day your option #4 guy will come along. And let me tell you, it will be worth it.

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